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Set of 6 6M Food Sealer Roll

Set of 6 6M Food Sealer Roll
Set of 6 6M Food Sealer Roll Set of 6 6M Food Sealer Roll Set of 6 6M Food Sealer Roll Set of 6 6M Food Sealer Roll Set of 6 6M Food Sealer Roll
Brand: DSZ
Product Code: FS-8-R-20CM-X3
In Stock
$27 Ex Tax: $25

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Set of 6 6M Food Sealer Roll

When you vacuum pack your vegetables and meats, you can actually seal in the freshness and flavors and retain it for a much longer time. As much as five times longer with our Vacuum Food Rolls.
Compatible with most vacuum food sealers in the market, our Vacuum Food Rolls are extremely versatile and durable during storage and can be used in the fridge, freezer and pantry. Besides keeping in the freshness in, they also prevent any odour from leaking out.
Our Vacuum Food Rolls have an embossed dotted pattern on one side and a clear one on the other side. The embossed side is designed to have a more consistent vacuum seal in locking out air and locking in the freshness, flavours and nutrition. Overall, it's a more professional airtight seal.
Our Rolls are freezer-safe, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, washable and reusable. Cut them to the size you need and you can vacuum seal almost any size of food. Not least, the Rolls are also great for sous vide cooking and can be used in microwave ovens as well.

* Locks freshness and flavour up to 5 times longer
* BPA-free
* Blocks out air and moisture
* Prevents any odour leaking
* Embossed dotted pattern for better air tightening
* Can be used in microwave and boiled water
* Compatible with most vacuum food sealers
* Easy to customize to desired size
* Washable and re-usable
* Freezer and dishwasher-safe
* FDA, LFGB approved
* Meets Australian Standard

* Quantity: 6
* Material: PE and PA
* Width of per roll: 20cm
* Length of per roll: 6m

Package Content
6 x Food Sealer Roll

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