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40cm Tall Cat Ramp & Scratcher

40cm Tall Cat Ramp & Scratcher
40cm Tall Cat Ramp & Scratcher 40cm Tall Cat Ramp & Scratcher 40cm Tall Cat Ramp & Scratcher 40cm Tall Cat Ramp & Scratcher 40cm Tall Cat Ramp & Scratcher
Brand: DSZ
Product Code: PET-CAT-CP004-GR
In Stock
$32 Ex Tax: $29

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40cm Tall Cat Ramp & Scratcher

It's a cat spot that combines everything in one. They can play, stretch, scratch and sharpen their claws, all in one place. Place it near a window or porch, it'll become their favourite spot to watch outdoor activities everyday.

Cat lovers know that cats love to scratch. Your couch, your shoes, your door, your jeans. The list goes on. It's their nature to scratch, hence having sisal posts on your cat tree will divert their scratching from your home essentials. Prevent home damage and still satisfied your cats scratching needs. And a high quality sisal posts like ours, will last for a very long time.

Besides a good scratcher, it covers with quality plush carpet for a good sleeping spot. It has a wide base for snuggling and a steep ramp simply for cats to stretch out and have a good nap.

* All in one - Play, stretch, scratch and sharpen claws
* Place to play and relax
* Completely portable - Place it anywhere your cat loves
* Premium carpet fabric - Ultra thick and soft
* Strong and stable - Sturdy balance construction
* Wide base - Will not tip easily
* Fully wrapped sisal posts - Non toxic material
* Non-skid base - Safe to put on all flooring
* Easy to assemble

* Material: Carpet fabric covering, Sisal
* Colour: Grey & White
* Overall dimensions: 62 x 24 x 40cm

Package Contents
1 x Cat Tree
1 x Assembly Kit
1 x Assembly Manual

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