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165L 2 in 1 Freezer Fridge

165L 2 in 1 Freezer Fridge
165L 2 in 1 Freezer Fridge 165L 2 in 1 Freezer Fridge 165L 2 in 1 Freezer Fridge 165L 2 in 1 Freezer Fridge 165L 2 in 1 Freezer Fridge
Brand: DSZ
Product Code: PFN-C-BAR-XL
In Stock
$731 $659 Ex Tax: $599

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165L 2 in 1 Freezer Fridge

Perfect for use on the road or indoors, the Freezer Fridge easily plugs into any 12V, 24V or 240V power point for the powerful compressor to kick in its cooling process. The 60W compressor is very energy-efficient and consumes as much energy as a conventional fan, which works out to about 0.41kWh for every 24 hours of use. When running on DC power, the battery has a 3-stage battery charging protection that cuts off charging once the voltage setting is attained. This will help ensure a longer battery life.

With 165 litres of storage space, the Freezer Fridge is no small fry in the storage department. It's also designed with adjustable temperature control and interior fridge light that illuminate your supper time.

* 2 in 1 Fridge and Freezer
* Anti-fingerprint stainless shell
* Can be connected to 12V, 24V or 240V
* Huge capacity: 165L
* Easy to operate control panel
* Easy operated temperature controller
* Overload protection
* Auto low battery protection
* Power reverse connect protection
* Automatic cut-off system w/ customizable voltage setting
* Heavy duty handles and connections
* SAA approved plug and adaptor

* Total capacity: 165L
* Freezer capacity: 20L
* Fridge capacity: 45L
* Refrigerant: R134a, 55g
* Foam vesicant: C5H10/C-pentane
* Temperature drop: 40 - 50
* Overall dimensions: 52 x 55 x 137cm.

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